Northumbear is the official mascot of Northumberland Day and totally unique.  He simply loves to celebrate the county day and lift spirits and is always keen to make sure children are happy, safe and full of pride at living in Northumberland. He wears his special Northumberland Day chain in great style and does everything he can to share his love of the county around.

Other Northumberland bears may have followed in his wake but there is only one Northumbear!

His younger brother Oswaldain is just as loveable but Northumbear sometimes has to keep him in order. He can be a bit cheeky but means very well and doesn’t mean to be naughty (honestly!)

Keeping them both on their best behaviour, however, is the truly kind and considerate NElephant, who never ever forgets Northumberland Day and always knows on which day it will fall, each and every year.

NElephant got a brand-new friend in 2021, to help her keep those boys on her toes. Heartley, the adorable hare, joined the Northumbear gang, to help bring more smiles to children.

The gang also recorded their very own Sea Shanty, so if you want to listen that, click on the video below.

In 2023, Northumbear has decided it’s high time that he launched a Northumbear Children’s Club, so if you want to sign up to our newsletter, please do so here.

All of our loveable characters were conceptualised so as to spread joy. We are very grateful to the super-talented Susan Perry of

for taking our vision and bringing it to life, each and every time.  If you want to know more about our four little characters, please read their profiles here.


Northumbear Sea Shanty

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