Information for Schools

Schools across Northumberland just love Northumberland Day and our thousands of social media users also like to know which teachers have thrown themselves into helping their pupils gain a real context of the world in which they are growing up.

Northumberland Day presents a real opportunity for teachers to plan lessons that link the National Curriculum to Northumberland’s past and present, to create a sense of place for pupils, help build links with the wider community and support the role of young citizens within it. 

Education Packs

To help this process, we have created education packs, which you can download from this website.  We didn’t produce one in 2022 but have put a lot of effort into 2023’s.

Please  just note that the competitions in packs from past years are now closed.

If you need further inspiration, you can take a look at the Ideas for Northumberland Day that we have on this website, to help those wishing to participate.

Award for Best School Celebration

As we know how much schools have to tackle, we show our appreciation for schools that really throw themselves into Northumberland Day through our Jill Bradbury Award for the Most Inspiring School’ – one of our super-special ‘Northumbie Awards, made by local fused-glass artist, Helen Grierson.  This typically goes to the school that has decorated its rooms, had pupils engage in exciting Northumberland-focused projects and done all manner of other extraordinary things to celebrate.

Primary School Writing Competition

For primary schools, we also have the antics of our mascot Northumbear and his friends, NElephant, Oswaldain and Heartley, to keep children entertained.  They always like to set a special challenge for primary schools each year, so keep checking out our other website pages for news of what they’d love pupils to do this year.

If you need any further help, just email or call 0333 2424062

2023 Educational Downloads

Our 2023 education pack is all about Northumberland’s wildlife.  Download now, to find out more and make the most of our worksheets, for more in-class activities!

2021 Educational Downloads

Our 2021 Education Pack was slightly different from previous ones, focusing solely on a theme of castles – for which Northumberland is, of course, renowned.

Download our Education Pack to teach children about some Northumbrian castles and parts of a castle, whilst also accessing maths, colouring, art, games, writing and poetry inspiration, all on this great theme.

Download our worksheets, if you would like create class handouts from our templates.

2019 Educational Downloads

Please click on the images to download the educational material in PDF format

2019 Education Pack


2018 Flyer

2018 Education Pack

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