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Northumberland Day was created in 2017, as an annual celebration taking place on the last Sunday in May and the official county day of the county of Northumberland.

Northumberland Day enjoyed some fantastic celebrations from then until 2019.  As we all know, the pandemic made coming together impossible or very difficult, scuppering big plans that we had for 2020.  2021 was still touch-and-go so far as social distancing was concerned and then 2022’s celebrations were rather overshadowed by the Platinum Jubilee.

2023 is our chance to get Northumberland Day back to where it was and really bring schools, communities and businesses together in a lovely May-time celebration of everything that is fantastic about the county, its heritage, culture, food and drink, landscape, nature, tourism hotspots and other elements of life.

Getting involved

Anyone can get involved and put on an event.  It could be a music event, a food-tasting soirée, a community picnic, a sports challenge, Northumberland quiz night, special Northumberland walk or tour, or something else.

It may even be something that you’ve already got in your diary or tourism schedule but which fits in with the Northumberland Day’s period (e.g. something for people to do).

Just tell us about it and we will put it on our event pages.  Just email office@northumberlandday.co.uk

Although the official date is Sunday May 28, 2023, events can happen in the two weeks around Northumberland Day.  Listing them is beneficial, as we get tremendous web traffic to the site during the months of April and May.

Event Line Up

View the fortnight of activities and community events taking place throughout Northumberland, celebrating all things Northumbrian.

Get Involved

There are many ways you can get involved from staging an event, spreading the word, decorating your home and vehicle and many more

Our limitations and why we love helpers and supporters

We love people with ideas and enthusiasm, as we are completely privately funded by the PR agency who had the idea back in 2017 and have tried their best to keep things alive since then, despite having just one person in the team and no real budget to play with.

For this reason, we also love anyone kind enough to sponsor an initiative or give us a prize.

Sponsoring a Northumbie Award is a great way to get involved and these awards are much-cherished and appreciated by those who win them.  It’s also really not expensive to do.

But, we also have various other competitions – especially on social media – for both adults and children, so all prizes are welcome.

Please email us at office@northumberlandday.co.uk or call 0333 2424062 to chat about this.


For 2023, we have some great things happening, so head to the relevant pages and read on!  Don’t forget to tell us about your plans, so that we can tell everyone else on our social media channels and through the press.

Northumberland Day

Northumberland Day was the idea of Lancashire-based PR consultancy, Catapult PR, back in July 2015.  When handling PR work for its client, Langley Castle Hotel, Catapult put out a press release calling for the county of Northumberland to have a county day, to demonstrate pride in all that the county has to offer.  The idea captured the attention of the media and both Northumberland Tourism and Northumberland County Council offered commentary to the press, saying what a great idea it was.  When Catapult PR then approached them, to try to take things forward, it learned that neither organisation had time or money to commit.  Consequently, Langley Castle and Catapult PR financed things, rallied support and launched the first Northumberland Day, in 2017, to bring the county day to fruition.

Since then, Catapult PR has taken over the sole financing and running of the day, running it every year since 2017, even during the pandemic, when it became a virtual-only celebration.

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